COVID-19 has scarred the world, there is a realization that the world cannot function in a ‘business-as-usual’ manner any longer. There is a clear need now for rethinking how we live, including the way we approach our built environment. Thermal comfort in buildings is crucial parameter that needs to be considered -- temperature, humidity and natural ventilation are key characteristics that define thermal comfort and have a direct relationship with the spread of infection and ill-health inside dwellings. 

The School of Habitat under Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute, a Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) initiative, is announcing a new online training programme on the practices of what it refers to as the ‘New Vaastu’ – a concept that is designed to reduce resource footprint (energy, water and waste) in the built environment, and to enhance thermal comfort. 

The training programme will enable participants to understand the functioning of all natural elements as they come together to create a sustainable habitat. It will emphasise on the need to keep in mind site layouts, building design and choice of materials for mainstreaming thermal comfort not only as an enabler of liveability, but also as a catalyst to reduce disease burden in our buildings. 

What will the training programme cover:

  • Sustainability Development Goals & environmental governance for built sector
  • Exploring sustainability through traditional principles
  • Planning and design amidst the new normal of COVID-19
  • Energy Conservation Building Codes (Commercial & Residential)
  • India Cooling Action Plan, Urban Heat Island Effect and Thermal Comfort
  • Building envelope, daylighting components, fenestration design, material properties and their market penetration.
  • Resource prudent designing for circularity (water, waste, energy efficiency, renewable)
  • Introduction to building simulation & low-energy mechanical cooling techniques 

Training Coordinator: 

Sugeet Grover,

deputy programme manager,
Sustainable Buildings and Habitat Programme,
CSE, New Delhi
Ph: 91-011-2464 5334 / 5335 (Ext 112)
Mobile: 9818443366

Course Director:

Rajneesh Sareen,
programme director,
Sustainable Buildings and Habitat Programme,
CSE, New Delhi