Course dates: November 10-29, 2020
Last Date to apply: November 5, 2020

Under India's National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), about 122 nonattainment cities have prepared clean air action plans for reaching their target of 20 to 30 per cent reduction in particulate pollution by 2024 from the 2017 levels. As these cities move to begin their implementation processes and systems, it will be crucial for them to build capacity and knowledge for sector-wise and department-wise strategies and regulatory actions.

For instance, what kind of actions and strategies would be needed in different sectors, ranging from vehicles and waste burning to industries and clean household energy? How can cities enhance and strengthen air quality monitoring strategies and source assessment to guide policy-making?

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), known for its decades of ground-breaking research and advocacy in air pollution abatement and management, and for its leading edge in capacity building of public institutions and regulatory agencies, offers a new training programme in this subject. This two-week online course is especially designed to meet the needs of clean air action planners and implementing agencies and individuals from different sectors.


  • Government officials from different departments involved with clean air action planning and NCAP programme and working on sectoral strategies for air pollution control; officials involved with implementation in targeted sectors
  • Professionals, consultants, planners, practitioners providing technical support to city action plans and programmes
  • Academia including faculty, researchers, and students researching and building curriculum on the interdisciplinary issues related to sustainable development and pollution matters
  • Civil society groups, NGOs, clean air advocates designing awareness programmes on air quality
  • Students aiming to enrich curriculum and shape careers in this field

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