Date July 16 –17, 2020
Last Date to Apply 10th July 2020
Course Duration 4 Hours 

Increasing demand and consumption of natural resources is contributing to higher emissions and climate risks in developing countries. There is high water stress, pollution, inadequate and inefficient infrastructure and heavy reliance on non-replenishable energy resources. This plunge necessitates a switch to smart and environmental friendly practices at micro and macro level. Educational campuses have enormous potential to promote environmentally responsible practices and behaviour, experiment with innovative solutions, combine learning and practical application, and cultivate a culture full of values.

CSE is working with a network of committed colleges/universities across India and helping them to establish, practice and report environmental sustainability as part of their campus management and empowers them for mandatory/voluntary compliances, as well enables them to secure financial support from internal and external funding for implementations. CSE's Green Campus Initiative (GCI) has been enabling regulators, architects, engineers, planners, academia and civil society to shape efficient use of water-energy-land, minimize wastage, improve livability and promote a healthy lifestyle in their respective campuses.

The key objective of the training programme is to upscale the knowledge among the target group in addressing environmental sustainability, establishing and monitoring performance baseline and reporting the sustainable practices at campus level. The training programme has been designed at two Levels: Level-1 (4hrs) and Level-2 (15 hrs). Both levels of training programme will include technical sessions, experiential learning using detailed case studies and hands-on exercises followed with tests and assignments.

LEVEL-1: The Level-1 training programme is designed for 4 hrs duration, which will capture the principle of green and sustainable educational campus. A brief session will be conducted to make fraternity acquainted with the process of joining ªCSE's Green Campus Initiative Networkº. A participation certificate will be issued on successful completion of small MCQ Test. The score criteria set at 75% marks for the issuance of training certificate.

LEVEL-2: On successful completion of Level-1 training programme on the proposed dates, Level-2 training programme will be conducted. The Level-2 training programme is the advanced version of Level-1 training programme, which shall include detailed description of calculation methodology with multiple case studies of relevant significance. The Level-2 training programme dates and mode of delivery will be communicated later based on receiving the participant interest at Level-1 training programme.


  • Sustainability Guidelines and Indicators of Green/Sustainable Campus
  • Establishment of Performance Baseline across five themes of sustainability
  • Risk Assessment of Campuses
  • Sustainability Data Reporting Analytics of educational Campuses
  • Green Campus Case Studies

For queries get in touch with Course Coordinator

Ms. Sonia Rani
Programme Manager