Dear All,

Greetings from Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, India.

The course has now officially begun. It is a two week course 25th January’21 to 10th Februrary’21.

We have uploaded material for Week One; which will be available starting 25th January, 2021; which marks the beginning of Week 1. You are requested to complete all the modules, attempt the quiz and submit the assignment within the defined time frame

In the first week, Modules 1 to 3 will be uploaded and in the second week, Modules 4 to 6 will be uploaded.

In Week One, we encourage you to check out and explore the Announcement section. This section includes the outline of the programme. It also contains a document explaining how to explore and use the moodle platform for this course. In case of further difficulty in accessing the platform you can write to us. This section will be your go-to location for any questions you have about the course. Whenever necessary, new information/ materials will be uploaded to this section. 

Note: Do Not Forget To Open The "Course Structure And Module Set Up" Attached To This Section.  

While you're looking over the general course materials, please introduce yourself to your fellow students and to the instructors via the Groundwater Forum which you can find under the Discussion section.  Watch the videos, complete the reading, participate in the discussion forum, and then complete the quizzes.

If you have any technical questions as you work through the course, they can be addressed in the following ways:

·         Post your question in the Ground water Forum under the Discussion forum section and the coordinators will respond to your queries as soon as possible. Other participants are, however, also encouraged to answer any questions posed by their colleagues on the course.

·         Via Quick mail on Moodle or email directly to the course coordinator (Swati Bhatia–

We’re looking forward to engaging with you in the on the Discussion forum section. From time to time, a new Discussion Question will be posted – this week we would like you to introduce yourselves and share with the other participants why you think this course is important especially in your scope of work. Participation in group discussions is encouraged as limited participation might affect your final course grade. Once you’ve explored a bit, you can begin with materials from Module 1: “Introduction and overview”.

We have developed a Workbook- This contains questions on basics to help you look into a direction in the field. Though it is not extensive, keeping in mind the time available and please note that the participants should research and verify knowledge before applying on the field.

We're looking forward to the next two weeks together!

Keep a track of your updates attached to this section regularly for any new communication. 

Please do not forget that we will have advanced course coming up at our residential training center in a few months’ time -there you will get a chance to interact with the experts every day, visit sites, design your own system. We will keep you informed about the dates. Fresh registrations will be done for the advanced course (fee structure will be different for the advanced course). 

Swati Bhatia
School of water and waste
Centre for Science and Environment