In 2019, the world generated a striking 53.6 million metric tons of E-waste, Asian continent generated 24.9 MT, largest in the world, of which India generated 3.2 MT, and is the third largest producer of E-waste after China and U.S.A. The per capita generation of E-waste in India stands at 2.4 Kg. Despite government's initiatives, 90 per cent of this waste is handled and management by the informal sector. It is the need of the hour to understand and act how to sustainably manage e-waste. Accurate data on e-waste generation, collection and disposal are integral to how a country formulates and evolves its policies and practices on waste management.

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has been working on policy and advocacy for a sustainable E- waste management. It recognizes the need to adopt resource-efficient waste management regimes, based on which it has conceptualized one-week online training programme on `Sustainable E- Waste Management'. The objective of the programme is to provide a better understanding of the key aspects of e- waste management in India and international case studies, legal aspects and effective management practices of e-waste. purchase and consumption behavioral changes to strengthen and foster `Circular Economy' is the aim of the training programme.

The mode of training would be online with a proper mix of interactive sessions with subject matter experts on E-Waste and its management. The course provides a flexibility of on demand literature, virtual presentations and cases studies. Assessment exercises and group discussion on the modules is provided for selfassessment of the participants.

For further details, please contact the Course Coordinator

Siddharth Singh
Deputy Programme Manager
Centre for Science and Environment
Mobile: 9768902012

Ishani Sonak
Research Associate
Centre for Science and Environment
Mobile: 9818884832