A training programme on data sourcing, analysis and visualisation for non-profits, NGOs, communication professionals and policymakers 

The course is being hosted by the Centre for Science and Environment’s data centre with CODATA, France as the Knowledge Partner. 

September 10-September 24, 2020

We are in an age of overabundance of data. An age when information – specifically information based on and made up of numbers -- is available instantly at the click of a key, from a multitude of sources. Almost everything that is worth talking about today has a component that is made up of data and statistics. 

In a scenario such as this, we are often left floundering, and quite incapable of making any sense of the deluge of data that we are faced with.If used creatively and intelligibly, data and numbers can add immense value to anything that is communicated. But unanalysed data, or numbers that are not clearly understood, are as good as data not collected. They cannot be used to make or prove a point. 

Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI), a Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) initiative, brings you an online course to hone and sharpen your data analysis and communication skills. The course will focus on established as well as new trends and approaches in data-driven development communications for effective presentation and maximum impact. 

Who can apply

The course is open to participants from the Global South (India, South and Southeast Asia and Africa).

  • Professionals and policymakers responsible for communication and data dissemination
  • Project heads and programme managers
  • Public relations/communication officers
  • Data managers, statisticians, researchers and students
  • Anyone interested in development communication and data journalism 

What you will learn

  • Learn how and where to research for relevant data
  • Appreciate the use of statistical and geo-spatial data as an effective medium for communication and impact
  • Understand how and when to use numbers
  • Structure communication coherently and logically for adapting to new media landscape
  • Develop skills to analyse, interpret and give a perspective to data-stories for print and web
  • Learn to use new tools for data visualisation
  • Develop skills to process, visualise and transform data into simple, compelling and informative ‘stories’ 

Course structure

The training will be a mix of lectures, presentations, exercises and assignments, specially designed for professionals working with non-profits, media, government organisations and corporate, who want to learn the basic skills of data analysis and presentation for communicating their stories using data.

The course is broken down into four modules which will have video instructions, followed by exercises and discussions.

There are 4 modules. Each module includes sessions delivered through short presentations and exercises

Module 1: Data for effective communication and informed decision making on development 

Module 2: Finding the right data

Module 3: Data processing and analysis to make data meaningful 

Module 4: Data visualisation

All those who attend and complete the coursewill be assessed by the course coordination team. CSE and AAETI will award Certificates of Participation to all those who attend and complete the course. 

Based on the assessment, the top five participants will be invited to an advanced course later this year at the AAETI residential facility in Nimli, Rajasthan. Boarding, lodging and training fees will be waived off for these participants.