SFD is emerging as a popular tool to help cities do better sanitation planning and also monitor progress with respect to sanitation. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), under the aegis of School of Water and Waste is organizing a 2 week virtual training programme on “Preparation of Shit Flow Diagram (SFD)”. For further details on SFD promotion initiative, please visit - https://www.cseindia.org/page/SFD-promotion-initiative and http://www.sfd.susana.org/

The programme is based on state-of-the-art teaching – learning tools consisting of interactive sessions, going through relevant reading material, documentaries, experiential learning using detailed case studies and working in groups. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand SFDs (graphic and report) and the history of their development
  • Understand the need for a standardized methodology
  • Understand the available tool including their context, range and how to use them
  • Use the developed tools to go through a worked example
  • Understand the support available to enable the development of SFD for their city
  • Prepare SFDs for their towns and cities