With rapid urbanisation, waste management is a massive concern in the country. CSE recognises that the key to efficient waste management is to ensure proper segregation of waste at source. Ideally, segregation must be performed before waste leaves the establishment that produces it, be it a home or an institution. Source segregation will greatly help in providing localized solutions, improving collection efficiency and maximizing resource recovery from waste. Hence, segregation at source is critical for SWM to succeed.

Segregation at source is critical for SWM to succeed. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is offering a two-day online training programme on understanding the importance of waste segregation at source and how can we practise segregation at our homes. The training will provide the context for waste segregation in India, details on the current scenario of waste segregation; gaps and challenges on the implementation of waste segregation and finally highlights the legislative framework on the waste segregation in the country. The legislative framework would capture the significance of source segregation in solid waste management rules, 2016 and the bye laws structure provided at state and urban local bodies level. In addition, a one hour live demonstration and discussion on how to practise source segregation at home.

The course will be conducted online, where participants will be enrolled and provided reading / audio-visual training material which they are expected to self-study. The platform will also allow participants and trainers to hold discussion threads where necessary.

Course Highlights

  • Importance of waste segregation
  • Current status of segregation in India
  • Policies pertaining to segregation of waste
  • Case studies

Who Can Apply

  • Individual practitioners
  • Students or interested stakeholders
  • Urban local bodies, State Urban Department.