Global production of primary plastic polymers has surpassed 400 million tonne (MT). The world generates 275 MT of plastic waste every year; over 50 per cent of this plastic that ends up as waste is manufactured for single use packaging. Globally, of all the plastics that have been produced, only 9 per cent has been recycled while about 12 per cent is incinerated. The rest is simply dumped and finds its way into our environment, including our waterbodies. 

India reportedly generates 25,940 tonne of plastic waste on a daily basis, approximately 26 per cent of which is recycled. The remaining 74 per cent is mismanaged and ends up in dumpsites and on land and in water, adding to  pollution. 

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) invites applications for an online course on all aspects of plastics and plastic waste management (see Course Highlights for details). At CSE, we have been working on policy and advocacy for reducing plastic pollution andrecognise the need to adopt measures across the life cycle of plastic to end plastic pollution.

Course Highlights

  • Classification and identification of plastics
  • Global data on plastics
  • Indian and global legislation on plastic waste
  • Plastic-conscious living
  • Single-use plastic ban and its impacts
  • Extended producer responsibility (EPR) regimes in India and other countries
  • Global treaty to end plastic pollution

For further details, please contact the course coordinator

Minakshi Solanki
Research Associate, Centre for Science and Environment
Contact: +91 7827392845