Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is launching an integrated training programme on Water Audit. The training programme will comprise of two parts: Basic learning (online platform) and Advanced learning (at our residential campus). The course is designed to provide an overall understanding of the water audit process which includes theoretical knowledge via lectures from sector experts, first-hand experience through group exercises, discussions, exposure visit to industries.


BASIC LEARNING (ONLINE) February 6-19, 2024

  • Introduction to water audit
  • Instruments used for water auditing
  • Basics of water circuit diagram
  • Fundamentals of Cooling towers, and Boilers
  • Concept of water costing
  • Highlights of CGWA notification
  • Industrial wastewater management
  • Case studies and assignments

Note: The training will be conducted on Moodle Platform where participants will be provided with the reading /audio-visual training material

The course material be for the duration of 2 hrs per day and live sessions will be on weekends for discussions.



  • Advance concepts of water accounting
  • Monitoring and Metering in industries
  • Preparation of Water Audit Questionnaire
  • Concept of water positivity, neutrality in industries
  • Increasing COC of cooling towers
  • Concepts to enhance boiler, pumps efficiencies
  • Achieving ZLD in Industries
  • Sector specific Case Studies

Venue: Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI), Neemli, Rajasthan.

The 4 day’s training will have sessions from sector experts, followed by class exercises and industry exposure visit.

For any Query, Kindly Contact

Training Coordinator

Shobhit Srivastava
Deputy Programme Manager
Centre for Science and Environment
Mobile- +91-9711049558