Urban India generates close to 1,49,180 metric tonne (MT) of municipal solid waste (MSW) on a daily basis, as per the Swacch Bharat Mission (Urban) dashboard. About 74,590 MT of this is biodegradable in nature. Limited treatment technologies for the biodegradable fraction leads to generation of gases like methane and carbon dioxide, which contribute to global warming

If this enormous amount of biodegradable waste is processed using appropriate technologies, urban India has the potential to produce approximately 2,536 tonne of bio-CNG (compressed biogas or CBG) every day, with an estimated market value of Rs 17.75 crore. The amount of revenue we could make each year by simply treating our biodegradable waste to make bio-CNG is about Rs 6,390 crore. Add to this our energy economics: The country currently imports nearly 85.5 per cent of its crude oil requirements and about 50 per cent of natural gas requirements. While we are frantically searching for alternative fuels, here is a resource that is ready to be used.

Centre for Science and the Environment (CSE) invites you to join its online training programme on bio-gas, its technologies, management, and the economic and environmental benefits.

Course Highlights

  • Bio-gas - technology, capital requirement, operational expenditure
  • Protocol for installation and pre-requisites
  • Purification technology for bio-CNG
  • Policy mandate, subsidies and various government schemes
  • Economic and environmental benefits
  • Case studies from India

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Kaifee Jawed
Programme Officer,
Centre for Science and Environment
Email: kaifee.jawed@cseindia.org
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