Course dates: January 10-14, 2023
Last date to apply: January 7, 2023
Course duration: 8 hours
Learning platforms: Zoom and Moodle
Course type: Online (self-paced and live sessions)

(Open for only participants from African and Asian Nations)

Rapid urbanisation and concurrent population growth in developing economies have led to generation of huge quantities of waste. While the city authorities are formally engaged in providing waste management services to their citizens, collection and recycling functions are not effectively executed in many parts of the world including the African nations -- primarily due to a lack of legal guidance, low sectoral development and lack of know-how about sustainable waste management businesses. 

As a result, in many developing countries including African countries, waste collection and material recycling activities are being largely performed by the informal sector. In fact, the reason many countries – have not been swamped by their own waste is this workforce called the “informal sector”. Apparently unorganised, it is a super-efficient contributor to the cause of circular economy. Unfortunately, not much is being done to integrate this sector and its operations into the mainstream solid waste management systems. 

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) believes such an integration is necessary to achieve a paradigm shift in waste management – this five-day online training programme is based on this conviction. The objective of the course is to provide information on the role of the informal sector in the waste value chain; the stakeholders involved in informal waste recycling; and different approaches and strategies of integration. 

Course Highlights

  • Stakeholders in the informal sector, and how they work in the solid waste value chain
  • Challenges and opportunities in informal waste recycling
  • Approaches and strategies for integration of informal sector
  • Successful Indian case studies 

For more details, please contact:

Minakshi Solanki
Research Associate
Municipal Solid Waste Management
Centre for Science and Environment
Mobile: +91 7827392845