Dates:  December 19-23, 2022                              
Last date to apply: Dec 16, 2022
Duration: 4 days (8 hours)                        
Language of instruction: English
Learning platforms: Zoom and Moodle 

According to the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), urban India alone is generating 1.48 lakh metric tonne(MT) of municipal solid waste (MSW) every day – of which about 0.71 lakh MT is organic and 0.57 lakh MT is inorganic waste.Limitedunderstanding of the working principles oforganic and inorganic waste management, reliance on technologies without getting the waste segregated at source, limitedrecycling,and unscientific methods of dumping have led to massive mismanagement of the waste that is being generated. 

To bridge the gap in knowledge and understanding of this critical aspect, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has designed an online course on sustainable management of organic and inorganic waste. CSE has been working on policy and advocacy for decentralised and sustainable management of organic and inorganic waste and recognises the need to adopt resource-efficient waste management systems. 

The objective of this online training is to build capacity of consumers, civil societies, local government officials and other stakeholders to understand the challenges and opportunities associated with segregation, collection, processing, treatment and recycling of organic and inorganic waste.   

Course Highlights

  • Basics of organic and inorganic waste
  • Technology options for collection, transportation, processing, treatment and disposal
  • Stakeholders involved and their role in the solid waste value chain
  • Case studies from India and other parts of the world. 

Who will benefit from the course?

  • Waste management practitioners
  • Bulk waste generators
  • Officials from state and urban local bodies
  • Academician and students
  • NGOs/civil society, private companies, start-ups and individual practitioners

For further details, please contact the course coordinator

Kuldeep Choudhary
Programme Officer, MSW,
Centre for Science and Environment
Contact: +91 8377030507