Course dates: December 12 - 16, 2022
Last date to apply: December 10, 2022
Course duration: 10 hours
Learning platforms: Zoom and Moodle
Course type: Online (self-paced and live sessions) 

The countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are expected to witness a major economic transition over the coming century as their populations explode, their rural-to-urban migration increases, and their consumption patterns change. All this will contribute to an exponential rise in waste generation, and put a huge strain on natural resources and the already stretched public and private sector services and infrastructure for managing solid waste. 

With 1.3 billion people living in Africa (as of 2018), the continent produced 5 per cent and consumed 4per cent of global plastic volumes in 2015. Plastic consumption in Africa was 16 kg per person, compared to the global average of 45 kg per person. According to the 2018 Africa Waste Management Outlook report, plastics accounted for 13 per cent of the municipal solid waste in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a leading South Asian think tank based in New Delhi, India has been working on policy and implementation with regard to plastics and municipal solid waste (MSW) management at the regional, national and global levels. It recognises the need to adopt resource-efficient waste management regimes, based on which it has conceptualised this five-day online training programme on strategies to end plastic pollution in African countries.  

The objective of the course is to provide knowledge aboutthe life cycle of plastic, the major stakeholders involved across the value chain of plastics from production, consumption and disposal, and the importance of policy interventions such as extended producer responsibility (EPR). The participants in the training will get an opportunity to gain knowledge on the various challenges in plastic waste management in developing economies by subject experts and leading national and international solid waste practitioners. 

Course Highlights

  • Understand the “full life cycle of plastic’
  • Landscape of the plastic industry and plastic legislation in the Indian Scenario
  • Case studies of plastic waste management (national and international perspectives)
  • Updates about the ongoing UNEA- a global treaty to end plastic pollution 

For more details, please contact:

Siddharth G Singh
Course Coordinator and Programme Manager, Municipal Solid Waste Unit
Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi
Mobile: +91 9768902012