Dates: October 7 - 21, 2022
Course duration: 15 hours (2 weeks)

Audience: Government officials, elected representatives, academics, researchers, students, consultants, waste management practitioners, and members of non-profits and CSR agencies

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of state of drinking water supply and sanitation in Global South
  • Role of groundwater in the drinking water supply – Challenges due to poor quality and quantity of groundwater
  • Augmentation of drinking water sources in different hydrogeological regions
  • Basic understanding of the use of different software tools for step-by-step planning and designing the recharge of groundwater-based drinking water sources
  • Overview of the treatment technologies of greywater at household, community and village level. Reuse options of the treated greywater
  • Onsite and offsite treatment of faecal sludge
  • Guidelines on communication and awareness to promote safe drinking water and management of greywater and faecal sludge
  • Access to success stories on community led water conservation and safe sanitation projects

The programme has a mix of self-paced study and virtual lectures planned for fourteen days with 15 hours of study time.

Special Feature:

  1. The top three performing participants will get a free annual subscription of digital Down To Earth, the development and environment magazine from Global South which CSE helps publish.
  2. Participation e-certificates will be provided at the end of the course.

For details or queries, please contact:

Shivangi Aggarwal
Research Associate
Rural Water and Waste Program
Centre for Science and Environment