Date: 2-10 February, 2022

The Rural Water-Waste Management Team will be rolling out an online training on “Design aspects of onsite treatment technologies for faecal sludge management in rural areas” for officials of Uganda (Ministry of Water and Environment), Tanzania (Ministry of Health Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children) and Nigeria (The Federal Ministry of Environment). 
It is important to prioritize in-situ treatment of fecal sludge, which in turn reduces the cost and efforts required to transport and treatment. It is also important to ensure proper design standards are followed while construction to ensure sustainability. This course shall talk about design aspects of various on-site sanitation technologies and also identify case studies of good in-situ designs and the mistakes which are usually done and need to be avoided.
The programme has a mix of self-paced study and virtual lectures planned for 10 days with 10 hours of study time and live doubt clearing sessions. We shall bring experience from experts across the sanitation sectors. 

Objective: To understand designs and standards of various On-site sanitation technologies and understand their application

Outcome: Participants shall be able to take away the learning's on how to design various on-site sanitation technologies and few experiences from India.

For details, Kindly contact:

Swati Bhatia, Course coordinator

Program Officer- Rural water and waste programme,

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India.
41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area
New Delhi - 110062.
Ph.no: +91-9911339540, Email: Swati.bhatia@cseindia.org/ ravi.kumar@cseindia.org