Greywater management at household

Date: 24-31th January 2022

Course overview: This course provides basic knowledge on greywater management and treatment. Participants will learn the need to manage greywater at all three levels namely household, community and village. 

Introduction: 85% of fresh water consumed by each person comes out as wastewater, out of which 70% is Greywater. Greywater is the wastewater arising from kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. In rural areas, greywater is often let into the storm water drains which in turn discharges into natural habitat posing environmental and public health risks.  Therefore it becomes imperative to treat the greywater and reuse to reduce the freshwater consumption. The short course on Greywater management offers insights into the basic methods for managing and treating greywater at the household, community and village level. The course is completely online for a period of 7 days requiring 2 hours of involvement in a day.

Objective: To train the participants on sustainable greywater management

Outcome: The participants shall learn how to design and implement in-situ and ex-situ grey water management solutions

Course Mode: 100% online (mix of recorded and live sessions)

Timeline: Approximately 14 hours, (2 hours a day)  

Course Coordinator:
Ravi Kumar,
Deputy Programme Manager,
Rural water and waste programme,
Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India.
Mobile/Whatsapp +91-9738287101/9911339540