Course Dates: August 20-27, 2021
Last Date to Apply: August 18, 2021
Course Duration: Seven days (9 hours)
Learning Platforms: Zoom and Moodle
Course Type: Online (self-paced and live sessions)

Unlined and unscientifically designed landfills - typically referred to as dumpsites - create irreversible environmental and health hazards; these include long-term concerns of greenhouse gas emissions, groundwater and surface water pollution, air pollution, and surface fires. Old dumpsites, in fact, are a well-known source of dislocated pollution due to the generation of hazardous leachates and emissions. To address this, there is an urgent need to reclaim these sites for building new scientific landfills for disposal of inerts and residual solid waste, as well as for increasing the life of the landfills (typically referred to as 'extending landfill capacity'). Also, the legacy waste buried in dumpsites must be treated and recycled for gainful applications.  

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has been working on policy and implementation with regard to municipal solid waste (MSW) management at the regional, national and global levels. It recognises the need to adopt resource-efficient waste management regimes, based on which it has conceptualized a seven-day online training programme on Dumpsite Remediation and Landfill Management.  

The objective of the course is to provide state-of-art knowledge in landfill design and operations as well technological and policy interventions in dumpsite remediation projects. The participants in the training will get an opportunity to gain knowledge on the various challenges in landfill management and dumpsite remediation in developing economies by subject experts and leading national and international solid waste practitioners. Speciality areas such as sustainable landfilling practice, landfill design and operation and landfill mining including feasibility, preliminary investigation, operation and management of landfill mining, and impact of landfill mining on sustainable waste management system will be extensively covered.    

Course Highlights

  • Landfill siting, design and construction, and operation
  • Concept of dumpsite remediation, biomining and bioremediation
  • Case studies of dumpsite remediation and landfill mining (national and international perspectives)
  • Zero-landfill city – approaches and strategies
  • Sustainable waste management (including recycling, composting and waste to energy) and waste economics including waste business development 

Who will the training benefit:

  • Solid waste practitioners
  • Academicians and students
  • Emerging solid waste experts
  • Officials from various urban local bodies 

Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the programme.

Course Coordinator

Dr. Richa Singh
Programme Officer
Municipal Solid Waste Management
Centre for Science and Environment
Mobile: +91 9920658638

Course Director

Atin Biswas
Programme Director
Municipal Solid Waste Management
Centre for Science and Environment
Mobile: +91 9434348112