India has a comprehensive system of regulations to protect its natural environment and the health of its people. From the enactment of Water Act in 1974, a number of laws and regulations have been put into force in this regard. However, the intended purposes of these laws are far from being fulfilled due to various reasons. One of the issues which sterns out is a holistic understanding of the different laws and how they should be looked into in a concerted manner for better environmental management.

Considering the need to fill the gaps, Centre for Science and Environment, which is known for its path breaking research and advocacy and well recognized for its leading edge in capacitating public institutions and regulatory agencies is rolling out a new training programme in its series of its capacity building programmes. The programme is a one week online training course on “Understanding Environmental law for improving environmental management”.

Programme Objective

This one week online course has been designed to capacitate the people working in the field of environment and the prospective environmentalist with an objective to develop a better understanding and knowledge of the laws and their interrelationship.  This course will also be beneficial for students as well who aspire to develop their carrier in environment field.

Mode of Training 

The online course will majorly be based on self study basis wherein recorded sessions from experts, presentations and reading material will be uploaded on the training platform for the participants to study. The training portal has a dedicated discussion forum where all the queries can be posted and answered by the experts. Additionally, live online sessions will be organized with experts for Q& A and further discussions. The course is designed in a manner to help the participants in attending this course along with their regular work and study the course material at their own convenience.

Learning from the programme

  • Better understanding of environmental governance structure of the country, major institution, and their implementation statistics.
  • Increased understanding of the obligations of industry and individuals under various environmental laws and regulations and how to meet these obligations.
  • Understanding the impacts of violations and noncompliance.
  • Role of National Green Tribunal (NGT), environmental courts and public interest litigation (PIL).
  • Understanding of international treaties and agreements Government of India subscribes to the impact of non-compliance with such agreements on business.
  • Understanding that environmental compliance is not a financial burden but a clear business opportunity.